Which USB PD fast charger is needed? iPad Air3/Mini 5 charging test

On the 2019 Apple special event in March, there was no hardware product released. But before the event, Apple quietly put two new iPads on the official website, namely iPad mini 5 and iPad Air 3.

Both the iPad mini 5 and the iPad Air 3 use the powerful Apple A12 processor. In addition to the powerful configuration, the charging has also been enhanced. Both products support USB PD fast charging.

However, Apple is as unsatisfactory as ever. It only provide 10W charger and USB A2L cable. The whole charging process is like a Mercedes-Benz with a bicycle engine. Inviolabs recommended that every iPad Air 3/Mini 5 user replace the original 10W charger when have it.

Inviolabs iPad mini5 rear look

The iPad Air3 has a battery of 30.2 Wh, and iPad mini5 got 19.1Wh,  both charging method uses Apple's exclusive Lightning interface. It does not use the popular USB-C interface. Do they support USB PD fast charging? Let’s check it out.

Inviolabs iPad air 3 front look

Make use of iPad Air 3/Mini 5 to automatically shut down, then charge it with the Apple 61W (A1947) PD charger, and the Power-Z KM001 for the data recording:

iPad Air 3:

Inviolabs iPad Air3 Charging

In the beginning, it turned on the Apple 2.4A charging mode. In less than 1 minute, it was converted to USB PD fast charging. When charging for 48 seconds, its power reached 30.5W; then the power dropped back and Gradually rising, reaching 30.06W in about 44 minutes; then the power gradually decreased, after several large fluctuations, the charging was completed at 2 hours and 36 minutes, and the power dropped to 0.07W.

Inviolabs iPad Air 3 Charging

In terms of power consumption, the battery capacity of the iPad Air3 is 30.2Wh, the charge is charged to 36% for half an hour, and it is charged to 68% for one hour. As the battery saturation becomes higher and higher, the power is greatly reduced, and the subsequent battery capacity is increased. The speed also began to slow down, eventually taking 2 hours and 36 minutes.

iPad Mini 5:

Inviolabs iPad mini 5 Charging

When power 0% , it handshaking the 5V Apple 2.4A charging mode. After less than 1 minute, it automatically switches to USB PD fast charging. After 52 seconds of charging, its power reached 18.83W; then the power dropped back and gradually increased to 19.4W in about 38 minutes; then the power gradually decreased, after 2 times and 34 minutes after several large fluctuations. Charging, the power drops to 0.07W. In addition, the maximum power of the whole process is 20.88W.

Inviolabs iPad mini5 ChargingIn terms of power consumption, the battery capacity of the iPad mini5 is 19.1Wh, and the charge is charged to 36% for half an hour. When it is charged to 67% for 1 hour, as the battery saturation becomes higher and higher, the power gradually decreases, and the subsequent battery capacity increases. It also began to slow down and eventually took 2 hours and 34 minutes.


The iPad Air3/mini 5 is equipped with a powerful A12 processor, which is excellent enough. However, it does not adopt the popular and compatible USB-C interface, but continues to adopt the Lightning interface. Fortunately, it supports PD fast charge, but it should be noted that you want to use it to fast charge you must use the MFi-certified USB-C to Lightning cable.

"For the choice of charger and cable, iPad Air 3/Mini 5 charging power up to 30W/20W, the original 5V/2A 10W charger is obviously not enough, a 30W PD charger and a MFi-certified USB-C to Lightning cable is the basic requirement."(Click to Tweet it) 

So in order to achieve fast charging, we need a charger that can support fast charging. As mentioned above, iPhone and iPad only support the PD fast charge protocol, but not other protocols such as Qualcomm's QC, so we need to be clear that charging devices need to support the PD protocol.

 Inviolabs Full Power Charger

Next, is the consideration of max power out. For the iPhone, according to the test, the 18W charging speed has met daily needs, considering daily portability and compatibility. Inviolabs recommends using an 18W dual port charger. Provide dual PD and QC interface, full compatibility.

 Inviolabs 18W Dual port charger

For iPad or macbook devices, it supports charging power of more than 30W. Inviolabs recommends a 60W dual port charging device. Dual port high power input.

 Inviolabs 60W Dual Port Charger

Finally, we need to choose a cable. What we need here is a USB-C to Lightning cable, which is usually referred to as CtoL. Apple only support the USB-C to Lightning cable for fast charge.  Be aware the this cable has Apple's MFi certification.

Inviolabs DurableLine Plus Cable

Inviolabs offers the following options: DurableLine and DurableLine Plus series. If you using the cables travelling, Inviolabs recommend to use the Plus series. We have prepared a storage bag for you. The nylon braided thread brings better durability. We also recommend you have 2 other DurableLine cables, one in the office another at home.


Inviolabs FastCharge Solutions
Want the one-stop solution? Inviolabs now presents the Inviolabs Fast Charging Solutions for you. You can click here for our products and how we make the fast charging for all your devices with One charger.

For users in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, we provide a free shipping service if order over $ 30. Enjoy the fast charge with Inviolabs.

Inviolabs also tested the iPad Pro(2018) for fast charging, you can click here for the detail results.

Quick question: Will the fast charging make the battery life shorter?

The Anwer is no. The high temperatures may damage the battery.  For the details: The truths about cell phone battery life: fast charging, overheating


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