New iPad Pro(2018) USB-C fast charging test

In 2018, the new iPad Pro announced with the A12X Bionic Bionic processor, which is a huge improvement than previous generations. And Apple also canceled the Home button on the new iPad Pro, similar to the "full screen" design without any buttons on the front, abandoning the Lightning interface that has been used on the iPad has been changed to USB-C interface. This is also the first time Apple has used the USB-C interface on iPad series.

The advantages of using the USB-C interface are clear, first of all, faster data transfer speed, the new iPad Pro supports USB3.1 gen2 10G data transfer, and also supports USB PD fast charging. Apple comes standard with an 18W USB-C PD charger for the iPad Pro. Can this charger feed the appetite of the new iPad Pro? Inviolabs made this testing for you!

Inviolabs USBC fast chargers

With the new iPad Pro 11-inch as the test machine, the Apple A1410 12W (APPLE2.4A protocol) charger, the standard A1695 18W (USB-C PD) charger, and the A1947 61W (USB-C PD) used in the notebook were selected. The charger is used for comparison to see who can feed the new iPad Pro.

First came the USB 12A USB-A interface. This charger is the standard charger for the old iPad Pro. It has the APPLE2.4A charging protocol.  The new iPad Pro does not support the APPLE2.4A protocol? ! Not even support! not support!

Since the APPLE2.4A protocol is not supported, the Apple 12W charger has a poor charge of 5.14V / 1.41A / 7.26W for the new iPad Pro.

Inviolabs 5V charger

Next, it is the turn of the 18W USB-C PD charger that comes standard with the new iPad Pro. You can see that the Apple 18W charger is near full load with a power of 9.0V / 1.91A / 17.26W.

Inviolabs -- Apple 18W PD charger

Finally comes the 61W USB-C PD charger on the MacBook Pro: 15.06V / 2.33A / 35.16W, the charger can finally feed the new iPad Pro.

Inviolabs | Apple 61W USB PD Charger

Since the new iPad Pro does not support Apple 2.4A, it takes 5V/1.5A DCP protocol when charging with old iPad pro charger, and the 7.25W power is maintained for 4 hours. 39 minutes, almost a straight line, then slowly falling, very traditional CCCV charging algorithm.

The new iPad Pro is charged with the 18W USB-C PD charger that comes standard with the new iPad Pro. The power is between 17W and 18W. The platform lasts for 1 hour and 42 minutes. After that, the charging power is slowly reduced. It is also a very traditional CCCV charging algorithm. .

Using the 61W USB-C PD charger that comes standard with the MacBook Pro to charge the new iPad Pro is another charging algorithm with a peak power of over 30W and a power platform between 27W and 30W.

Three chargers are drawn into a 0%~100% power percentage table. First look at the half hour charge level comparison: 12W charger is charged 9% for half an hour, 18W charger is charged for 22% for half an hour, 61W charge The device charges 33% of the charge for half an hour.

Look at the time-consuming comparison: using the iPad 12W USB PD charger takes 5 hours and 32 minutes, which takes the longest time; using the standard 18W USB PD charger takes 2 hours and 53 minutes; using Apple's 61W USB PD The charger can be fully charged in 2 hours and 35 minutes, nearly 20 minutes faster than 18W;


1. After the new iPad Pro is switched to the USB-C interface, it supports USB PD fast charging;

2, the new iPad Pro does not support the Apple2.4A charging protocol, the charger using the USB-A interface even with the APPLE2.4A protocol, can only charge 7.5W (DCP) power;

3, the new iPad Pro maximum charging power up to 35W / 15V / 2.33A, power platform 27W ~ 30W;

4, the new iPad Pro fastest charging speed takes 2 hours and 35 minutes, considering the large battery of the new iPad Pro, this charging speed is still quite fast.

If the new iPad Pro uses the old iPAD Pro 12W charger or other USB-A charger, the speed will be slow until you suspect it is failed; the 18W USB-C PD charger for the new iPad Pro "is not impossible to use", but Unable to feed the new iPad Pro, the fastest charging speed is not achieved. To feed him, you need a USB-C charger with 30W or more, with a voltage range of 15V2A~15V3A, so you can get the fastest charging experience. (Click to Tweet)

If you would like to have a look on iPad Air 3(2019) and iPad mini 5 charging test, Inviolabs also done the testing here. Click for the details.

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