• Inviolabs Fast Charging technology

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One Charger for all your device

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Choose Inviolabs. Start fast charging today.

Be faster. Save the precious time.

Charge faster, Connect faster. It is Inviolabs' mission to save your precious time.

Wall Chargers



Car Chargers

Good Quality

The quality of the cable is very good, and the zip bag is very intimate and easy to use.

Norton Eden

Multiple Protocols Support

The charger can support multiple fast charging protocols. Only need one to provide fast charging for all my devices.

Beau Harry

Ultra Compact with Fast Charging

The ultra-compact charger  is so convenient to carry, the most important is that it can also support fast charging.

Aaron Meredith

Durable Cable

The cable feels good, thicker than the original, but much more durable.

Len Lawrence

PD and QC Supported at Same Time

The charger can charge my devices with PD and QC at the same time, which is really convenient.

Elizabeth Yonng

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