iPhone 11 Pro charging test, is the 18W USB PD charger good enough?

Before start today's testing, Inviolabs had reviewed the charging performance of the iPhone 11, click here for details. From the previous test, the iPhone 11 already has the charging power beyond the original charger. The iPhone 11 Pro is no exception. In the case of low power, the charging power exceeds 22W. The 18W PD charging kit equipped with the iPhone 11 Pro does not reach the maximum output, so in the following test, we chose Apple 5W charging kit, iPhone 11 Pro original 18W PD fast charging kit, and 30W PD charger. Trying to find out which one is better.

Inviolabs iPhone 11 Pro USB PD fast charging test

In addition to the 5W USB-A to Lightning cable, the PD chargers requires an MFi-certified USB-C to Lightning cable.

Inviolabs USB PD fast charging test

First is the traditional 5W charging test. The process of charging the iPhone 11 Pro is very stable. After all, the maximum power is only 5W, and the charging voltage is only 5V. The mobile phone handshaking 5W charging at the moment of connection to the charger, which lasts until 2 hours and 45 minutes, and then enters the constant voltage phase, and the power is continuously reduced. At 3 hours and 37 minutes, the power dropped below 0.1W, it become completely full.

Inviolabs iPhone 11 Pro 5W charger test

Use 5W to charge iPhone 11 Pro, it can only charge 17% in half an hour, and 33% in one hour, fully charged in 3 hours and 37 minutes. The charging speed is very slow.

Inviolabs iPhone 11 Pro 5W fast charging test

Next is the 18W PD fast charge kit that comes with the iPhone 11 Pro. Before iPhone  shake hands PD fast charge, it must wait until it boot. After the cable is connected, the phone charges in Apple 2.4A mode, until 1 minute 48 seconds, the phone automatically turns on, the charging voltage rises to 9V, handshake PD fast charge, power Immediately climbed to around 18W and lasted for 29 minutes. After 31 minutes, the charging power began to gradually decrease, and entered the constant voltage phase at 1 hour and 12 minutes. The power continued to decrease until dropped to below 0.1W at 2 hours and 09 minutes, and the iPhone 11 Pro was fully charged.

Inviolabs iPhone 11 Pro 18W fast charging test

The iPhone 11 Pro comes standard with 18W PD fast charger, which is much faster. It can charge 48% in half an hour, 81% in one hour, and only 2 hours and 9 minutes to fully charge.

Inviolabs iPhone 11 Pro 18W fast charging test

The iPhone 11 Pro can charge more than 22W in low battery conditions. Is it faster to charge the phone with a higher power PD charger than the original charger? Next testing with the 30W PD charger. After connecting the cable, you also need to wait for the phone to boot. When the phone is powered on for 3 minutes and 21 seconds, the PD protocol is used for fast charging, and the charging power starts to rise slowly from 18.7W. After 22 minutes, the power began to gradually decrease. It reached the constant voltage stage at 1 hour and 8 minutes, the power continued to decrease until the power dropped to below 0.1 W at 2 hours and 7 minutes, and the mobile phone was completely charged.

Inviolabs iPhone 11 Pro 30W fast charging test

The 30W PD charger will be faster, charging 53% for half an hour, 84% for one hour, and 2 hours and 7 minutes for full charge.

Inviolabs iPhone 11 Pro 30W fast charging test

Finally, we compare the three sets of data of this test together.

 Inviolabs iPhone 11 Pro USB PD fast charging test result

From reslut the charging efficiency of the first one hour using the PD fast charging is extremely high, and it can be charged to about 80%. Compared with the 18W PD fast charge, the 30W PD fast charge is only 2 minutes away from the 0-100% charge. The 30W PD fast charge speed is mainly faster in the early stage. 30W charger is 5% more than the 18W in the first half hour.


iPhone 11 Pro fast charging power up to 22W+, using the advantages of 30W charger in the first half hour can provide more than 5% of the charge than 18W, it is useful if you can only charge the phone for a few minutes. (Click to Tweet this)

The whole charging speed is not much different.  Inviolabs recommend the iPhone 11 series users, who only charge the phone, keep using the built-in 18W PD charger.  For the users with a variety of devices,  who want to charge the iPhone with 22W of optimal power can purchase a 30W PD charger. In addition to better charge the iPhone 11 Pro, it can also be used for iPads, Switch, Macbook Air etc.


So in order to achieve fast charging, we need a charger that can support fast charging. As mentioned above, iPhone and iPad only support the PD fast charge protocol, but not other protocols such as Qualcomm's QC, so we need to be clear that charging devices need to support the PD protocol.

 Inviolabs Full Power Charger

Next, is the consideration of max power out. For the iPhone, according to the test, the 18W charging speed has met daily needs, considering daily portability and compatibility. Inviolabs recommends using an 18W dual port charger. Provide dual PD and QC interface, full compatibility.

 Inviolabs 18W Dual port charger

For iPad or macbook devices, it supports charging power of more than 30W. Inviolabs recommends a 60W dual port charging device. Dual port high power input.

 Inviolabs 60W Dual Port Charger

Finally, we need to choose a cable. What we need here is a USB-C to Lightning cable, which is usually referred to as CtoL. Apple only support the USB-C to Lightning cable for fast charge.  Be aware the this cable has Apple's MFi certification.

Inviolabs DurableLine Plus Cable

Inviolabs offers the following options: DurableLine and DurableLine Plus series. If you using the cables travelling, Inviolabs recommend to use the Plus series. We have prepared a storage bag for you. The nylon braided thread brings better durability. We also recommend you have 2 other DurableLine cables, one in the office another at home.


Inviolabs FastCharge Solutions

Want the one-stop solution? Inviolabs now presents the Inviolabs Fast Charging Solutions for you. You can click here for our products and how we make the fast charging for all your devices with One charger.

For users in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, we provide a free shipping service if order over $ 30. Enjoy the fast charge with Inviolabs.

Quick question: Will the fast charging make the battery life shorter?

The Anwer is no. The high temperatures may damage the battery.  For the details: The truths about cell phone battery life: fast charging, overheating

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