Three fast charging protocols, Samsung S10+ charging test

In February 2019, Samsung the flagship Galaxy S10 series phones. Different from the previous "Galaxy S" series, the S10 series has three different models, namely S10+, S10 and S10e. These three new machines each target different groups of people.

Since it is the flagship, the performance is cool. Take S10+ as an example. It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, the highest 12G+1T storage combination, built-in 4100mAh battery capacity, and supports fast charging technology.

As fast charging technology on mobile phones, Samsung is also an early batch in the industry. As early as the Note 4 mobile phone, it is equipped with its own AFC fast charge. Although it was early, the Samsung has always been "low-key" in charging, especially after the "Note 7 event.”

Up to now, the “Note 7 Incident” has been ushered in the “10th Generation” S10 series in the past three years. Will their power be improved? Inviolabs found an S10+ mobile phone, and today and we will bring you a charging evaluation.

Inviolabs Samsung S10

Samsung S10

Inviolabs Samsung S10 Charger

Samsung S10+ standard 15W AFC fast charge charger

Inviolabs Samsung S10 Charger

Protocol testing of the S10+ original charger, it support for AFC fast charge and DCP protocol.

Tested S10 with 3 chargers of different protocols

The  Apple (A1695) charger, 18W power, support PD fast charge protocol, charge Samsung S10+, voltage 9.02V, current 1.42A, power 12.9W, turn on PD fast charge.

Samsung (EP-TA200) charger, power 15W, support AFC fast charge, charge Samsung S10+, voltage 9.03V, current 1.62A, power 14.69W, turn on AFC fast charge.

QC 3.0 Charger 24W,voltage 9.17V,current 1.62A,power 14.88W,QC fast charging on。

Inviolabs Samsung S10 Charging timeline

S10+ full charge charge changes. As can be seen from the above figure, the three different fast-charge chargers charge almost the same when charging the Samsung S10+.

Half an hour: Samsung S10+ original charger is charged 38%, Apple 18W PD charger is charged 39%, and 24W QC charger is charged 40%.

One hour: Samsung S10+ original charger is charged 75%, Apple 18W PD charger is charged 77%, and 24W QC charger is charged 78%.

The whole process takes time: Samsung S10+ original charger 1 hour 59 minutes, Apple 18W PD charger 1 hour 58 minutes, 24W QC charger 1 hour 57 minutes.


Quick question: Will the fast charging make the battery life shorter?

The Anwer is no. The high temperatures may damage the battery.  For the details: The truths about cell phone battery life: fast charging, overheating


As the charging performance, Samsung S10+ adopts USB-C interface and supports three fast charging protocols of PD, QC and AFC. It has wide compatibility and is very convenient when selecting charging accessories. After the full charge test, it was found that the Samsung S10+ is charged by the PD charger or by the QC and AFC chargers. Its maximum power is about 15W, and the whole process takes nearly two hours.




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