Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ fast charging testing, is the 45W charger needed?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ flagship phone supports 45W speed fast charge, but it come with the standard 25W charger. In the real life, how much faster will the 45W fast charger will be? Inviolabs has collected the latest infomation for you.

Recently,  a charging test on the Note 10+ had been done. From the actual test, the difference is not big. Although compared to 45W charging, 25W charging takes 8 minutes to fully charge 100% of the power, which is much smaller than expected.

Inviolabs Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ fast charging test

25W charger output:

  • 5V/3A
  • 9V/2.77A
  • 5.9V/3A
  • 11V/2.25A

Inviolabs Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 25W charger
The Note 10+ comes standard with a 25W charger that the phone power on and screen off takes about 1 hour and 5 minutes to 100%. With the 45W charger, it takes about 57 minutes to fully charge the phone when the phone is turned off. After testing, Note 10+ with 45W charger, the full charge time advantage is only 8 minutes.

Although the full charge is not obvious, the difference is still obvious in the 30 minutes before charging. 25W fills 67% in 30 minutes, while 45W fills 73% in 30 minutes.

Inviolabs USB PD PPS charger
Overall, Note 10+'s SuperFast fast charge is somewhat "indigestion", and it's really fast in the early stage of charging, but the speed of full charge is not much different. With this one experiment, will you spend $50 on Samsung to buy a 45W SuperFast fast charge? And if choosing the third party charger, the USB PD PPS function is need. Inviolabs recommed to using the 30W PD with PPS fast charger.


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