In addition to the 45W charger, what else needed for Samsung Galaxy Note+

Since Samsung released the Galaxy Note10+ and equipped with a 25W charger to support the fast charging. Even more exciting, Note10+ also supports 45W fast charging, but has strict requirements on charger. Let's take a look what else needed in addition to the 45W charger. 

Inviolabs found that the first thing is the charger, now only the original Samsung charger can be selected,  which worth 50 dollars. Third-party charging devices are currently not available  because Note+ require 45W+ with the PPS. PPS (Programmable Power Supply) programmable power supply, a type of Power Supply supported by USB PD3.0, is a power supply that can realize voltage and current regulation using USB PD protocol output. The PPS specification integrates current high-voltage low-current, low-voltage and high-current charging modes. In addition, the PPS specification reduces the voltage regulation range to 20mV, which is one-tenth of the QC3.0 standard, and the voltage regulation is more precise.

Inviolabs USB PPS protocol

  • USB-IF specifies that the PD2.0 and above protocols must use the USB-Type-C interface.
  • USB-IF does not allow USB interface supporting PD+PPS protocol to regulate voltage and current through non-PD protocol
  • USB-IF and China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Laboratories explained that the PD+PPS charging protocol stipulates that it is only valid for the C to C interface and has no effect on the Ato C interface.
  • C to C interface support 3A and above current must support PD protocol, and must have E-Marker chip

Note10+ and S10 5G have the same 25W PD3.0 (nominal 9V 2.77A), the measured maximum is about 18W, with good compatibility, just the previous PD charger with PPS function, it can reach 18W speed. The 45W charger is 10V 4.5A, so it needs to support the PPS protocol and the 10V4.5A charger to support it. Currently only Samsung original can be realized on the market. At the same time, because the current exceeds 3A, according to the USB-IF regulations, the charging cable also needs to be equipped with an emarker chip to be compatible.
So, what is the emarker chip cable?

E-Marker cables are divided into different types, some can carry out 100W power transmission, some can only transfer 60W; and some cables can achieve the highest 10Gbps transmission speed, while some only can support USB 2.0, and the highest data transmission is only reaching 480Mbps. So how to do distinguish these E-marker cables by different parameters? Inviolabs do the introduction as follow.
Inviolabs USB emarker

Summary: If you use Note10's 25W charger, the charging cable only needs C to C interface, but if you want 45W fast charging, you need not only Samsung original charger, but also need the 5A C2C cable when purchased which is less choice on the market. Referring to the previous 25W and 45W charging tests, the difference is not very obvious, perhaps this is why Samsung does not have a 45W charging head.








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