Charge the Old Macbook Air/Pro Magsafe with USB-C PD charger

Before the popularization of USB-C interface, both Macbook Air and Mabook Pro used Magsafe as shown below. From Macbook Pro 2016 and Macbook Air 2018, Apple switched to the USB-C interface. This change's benefit is increased versatility. The USB-C port can also charge iPhone and iPad, and you can bring one less charger when going out.

What if I also want to use an old Macbook Air / Pro with a USB-C port? At this time, I asked for this USB-C 2 Magsafe adapter cable.

The appearance of the cable is very simple. One is a USB-C interface and the other end is a Magsafe interface. The principle is that a decoy chip is added inside, which is equivalent to letting the USB-C charger recognized the cable as a  60W laptop. After connecting the Macbook, you can see that it is a 60W power source in MacOS.

Compatibility tests are good.  Macbook Air / Pro can use this cable for charging.  After all, Air is originally equipped with 45W, 13-inch Pro is 60W, they all should be no problem. The 15-inch Macbook Pro is originally equipped with 87W power, but after connecting this 60W adapter cable, it can also be charged with 60W, but the speed is slightly reduced.

 Inviolabs USB-C Old Macbook Air/Pro

What we need to pay attention is that the corresponding USB-C charger needs to support 60W output. For details, please refer to the labels of various manufacturers. Here the use of Fastport DUO 60W by Inviolabs is perfectly charged. Both Air and Pro can provide maximum compatibility. At the same time, because this charger provides both USB-C and USB-A interfaces, one charger can solve the needs of all devices when going out.

Inviolabs USB-C Macbook Pro Magsafe

The trick is to have a USB-C PD charger(above 60W) and a USB-C to magsafe cable. That's what Inviolabs' vision, fast charging and saving your precious time.

Inviolabs saving your precious time




60w charging a MBP 15 would be hopelessly slow!! However I got a china adapter that only works without the laptop in sleep. Another issue is that the usb-c cable is normally max 65w, I don’t want to buy one of Apple’s crappy “green” pos cables that fall apart. It charges super fast with my 100w anker PD charger. Like lots of china stuff it really is not working normally. I would like to find an adapter that is compatible for when I am actively using the computer..


Hi team,
Is it not a problem that my USB-C charger deliver 20 volts and my original Magsafe charger delivers 18.5 volts?
So will it cause a problem if I charge my old Macbook Pro with 20 volts assuming that it would expect the same voltage as the original Magsafe chargers deliver?
Thanks for clarifying this,

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