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iPhone 11 Pro charging test, is the 18W USB PD charger good enough?

Before start today's testing, Inviolabs had reviewed the charging performance of the iPhone 11, click here for details. From the previous test, the iPhone 11 already has the charging power beyond the original charger. The iPhone 11 Pro is no exception. In the case of low power, the charging power exceeds 22W. The 18W PD charging kit equipped with the iPhone 11 Pro does not reach the maximum output, so in the following test, we chose Apple 5W charging kit, iPhone 11 Pro original 18W PD fast charging kit, and 30W PD charger. Trying to find out which one is better. In addition to the 5W USB-A to Lightning cable, the PD chargers requires an MFi-certified USB-C to Lightning cable....

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iPhone 11 Charging Test. Which USB PD Charger is better?

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max  have been officially released  for a while. As we all know,  the Pro model comes with an 18W PD charger and a USB-C to Lightning fast charging cable. For the basic iPhone model 11, although he also supports the USB PD fast charging, but it still comes with the ancestral 5V1A charging kit.  It is very easy for Apple to standardize the phone with the 18W PD charger. Is it really unnecessary to give the iPhone 11 a quick charger? What is the benefit will the iPhone 11 user buy a PD charger at her own expense? Today,  Inviolabs will answer if this is necessary. At the beginning, it is sure...

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iPhone 11 does not Include Faster 18W Charger in Box

Finally, after years of including the same-old, slower 5W charger in the box with iPhones, Apple has announced that the new iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will ship with a faster 18W USB-C power adapter.  But with a pity that the iPhone 11 will still include the 5W charger and USB-A to lightning cable. iPhone 11 Pro/Pro MAX including 18W charger and USB-C to lightning cable. iPhone 11 still include the 5W charger and USB-A cable. Apple iPhone 11 also supports fast charging, but Apple's official said that the 18W charger needs to be purchased separately. It is a little disappointing to Apple's decision.

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